One universal creator God 

The name is Truth


The Divinity society of SGTBIMIT has been involved in celebrating all the major Gurupurabs by the collective efforts of students and staff members.

The motive of Divinity Society is not just limited to merely celebrating Gurupurabs. The motives are far beyond. The Society basically emphasizes on spreading the message of Gurbani through innovative ideas.

To achieve this goal, Divinity society organizes Kirtan Samagam, Seminars, Recitation of Banis of all gurus, Sikh Martial Art, Motivational movies and videos. In 2016-17 the society has organized Open Mic competition Faiz-e-Noor on the occasion of the 350th birth celebration of Guru Gobind Singh ji. Divinity society also participated in various events of annual day celebration by Kirtan in an opening ceremony followed by Divinity Ramp Walk showing various achievements of Singh and Kaurs. We teach our students to follow the steps of Guru Sahib and to be on the righteous path in their life.